A few impassable dams ...

Grand Coulee Dam; built 1941; 6,620mw; 550 feet tall; (with Chief Joseph Dam) Blocks 1100 river miles
Brownlee Dam; built 1959; 728mw; 420 feet tall; (with the two other Hell's Canyon dams) Blocks 600 river miles
These two groups of dams combine to block 55% of the Columbia River basin or about 90,000 square miles (almost the size of the United Kingdom)

A few impassable dams ...

Iron Gate Dam; Built 1962; 18mw; 164 feet tall
Copco No. 1 Dam; Built 1918; 20mw; 111 feet tall
Together with two other dams, they block over 300 river miles

A few impassable dams ...

Oroville Dam; built 1965; 645mw; 748 feet tall

A few impassable dams ...

Shasta Dam; built 1945; 676mw; 602 feet tall

Folsom Dam; built 1956; 207mw; 340 feet tall
Together these two dams block 187 river miles

The Problem

How best to help fish

River dams block fish migrations. Fish ladders and spilling can work, but become ineffective when over 90 feet tall. High-dam fish passage is very expensive and government grants cannot come close to providing enough funding. Few options exist so relicensing and enviromental litiigation are forcing the dams to be removed.

Our Vision

Re-Open • Re-Vitalize • Re-Energize

We produce positive-impact hydropower. Our low-cost power generation system simultaneously provides quick and safe fish passage. Now fish restoration projects may be financed outright--No grants. We are also able to resolve many of the water quality issues that dams impose on rivers, enabling dam operators to renew their licenses, resolve environmental lawsuits and to keep billion dollar assets.